Monday, September 5, 2011


The Anti Federalist are against the constitution because they believe that the United States is too big for one republic.  They are scared that the formation of a supreme court will trample on the powers and free will of the smaller state courts.  They list in the constitution that the government will be given the power of taxiing to support itself, instead of letting the states indivually find ways to raise money to support the government.  They can ask permission from congress to emit money, but it has to be for the support of the United States.  The Anti-Federalist sees this power as possible good, but horrible if the republic goes bad.  The example of power corrupting people is used.  They believe that if I you give people power like the supreme court has, then they will seek more power afterwards until they control everything.  Infighting among representatives from states is also a concern for them.  The fighting might cause the public good to slip.

            As much as I would like not to agree with the Anti Federalist, (They seem to me to be trying to work off of peoples fears.)  They do bring up some good points.  One of these points that I support is that of the infighting between representatives.  Even though they represent states, the yare still people with their own personal view.  These views will most likely effect their judgment to various degrees, it can’t be helped.  Things like lobbyers and interest groups were the very thing that the anti-federalist were trying to avoid.  They didn’t want you person or group to have all the power and return to the times of the King in England.

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