Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harrison and Equality

     In the future everyone is equal and they don’t have a choice.  It is against the law to have any advantages over anyone.  There are even agents of The United States Handicapper General that disable everyone.  If you are too smart, they put limiters on your mind.  If you think something too advance, then they destroy it.  The limits also extend to the physical.  If you are too beautiful, you have to put on a mask that makes you ugly.  Too big or strong, 300 pound weights for you!  For George and Hazel things are….average.  But they had a child called Harrison.  Harrison was seven feet and was more advance then everyone else, but that means he had more disabilities then everyone else.  He was recently taken away and Hazel was crying about it.  But because of the handicaps could not remember what she was crying about.  They were watching ballerinas on the television.  Because of the handicaps they could not perform to their greatest ability.  You could tell the one that is the most beautiful because she had the heaviest weights and a horrible mask.  Hazel thinks it would be a joy to hear all those sounds that the Agents send into people’s head to destroy their thoughts.  She thinks she would make a good Hanicape general.  Hazel even looked like the General, Diana Moon Glampers.  Just then George start to think of his abnormal son in a positive manner, but the 21 gun salute that was in his head stopped that.  In a news builitin their son was brought up on the screen, saying that he broke oout of jail and was warned not to try to reason with him.  Then Harrison showed up at the studio, tearing the hinges off the door.  His footsteps sounding like a earthquake.  George reconized that it was his son, bit the sound of an automobile in his head caused a pain that closed his eyes.  When they were open again, the picture of Harrison was replaced by the geniue article.  Harrison tore off his restraits and he declared himself Emperor.  He asked for a mate and the beautiful Ballerina stood up.  He removed her restrains and they dance.  But Diana Moon Glampers came through some doors and shot both of them dead.
Things taken to a logical extreme as a joke or a social commentary are most of the time funny.  But if it is applied in real life, then it becomes horrible, because logical extremes don’t take into account emotions or innovations.  Logical extremes give no compromise, no middle ground and human beings usually have middle ground.  Equality is wonderful, without equality I wouldn’t be able to write this paper or be in college.  But our differences make us who we are.  Completion betters humanity as a whole.  If we all had the exact same abilities, then we wouldn’t move forward as a race.  We would in a way become stale.  But even the world of the Handicappers is not equal.  Someone would have to be smarter or stronger then everyone else to enforce the system.  If not then the system probably could not be enforced.  But then again I could be wrong.  George and Hazel birthed Harrison under these conditions and he had super strength and was a genius.  He might have been the next step in human evolution, but everyone had to be equal and for that he got a shotgun shell to him, all in the name of equality.  But I wonder why he automatically made himself Emperor and if he didn’t do that would he still be 

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  1. I absolutely agree that we should be different! I think there's a difference between equal rights and equal abilities. I also wrote about how having differences helps us to advance in society.