Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wasteland

T.S Elliot's The Wasteland is surreal to say the least.  I can't really make a summary of it, but i'll try my best.  The Wasteland is split up into five sections, The burial of the dead, A Game of Chess, The Fire Sermon, Death By water and What the Thunder said.  Each section, eventhoguh it deals with different things, seems to be connected.  Burial of the dead speaks of clairvoyantes and memories of mountains and childhood.  While The Fire Sermon details an encounter between a man and a woman that may or may not be concensual.  These stories seem to detail memories of events.  They seem to be foggy and you only remember certain details, but you sure do remember the feelings.   The Game of chess seems to be linked to The Fire Sermon.

I wil admit this is not the most confusing piece of media i have experience, but it probally in the top ten.  All the sections seems to be connect.  I get the feeling they happen in the same state or atleast nearby each other.  They all speak of an unreal city, which I assume is the setting.  The ambiguity of it brings about some questions such as what was the purpose or was there even suppose to be one.

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